Answers to frequently asked questions

Yes, for partners. They can use 3Achain for free as a reward for maintaining the blockchain node.
For non-partner users a subscription is required at a nominal price. All proceeds are used to maintain and continuously develop the project.

Using a “Proof of Authority” consensus algorithm.
The nodes of the blockchain are known in advance (they belong to the partners) and, therefore, there is no need to use large amounts of energy to validate transactions and blocks.
The fact that the partners’ authority is carefully verified and that they come from diverse sectors also guarantees the absence of partisan interests in the governance of the project.

No, the authority and professionalism of the partners is the backbone of the project. In order to become a partner, very strict technical, personal and organisational requirements must be met, which are stipulated in a contract. In addition to these requirements there is a formal admission procedure.

Absolutely not. Only the management of the blockchain platform is shared between all partners.
The individual applications are developed privately and independently, with no obligation to share.

No. There are already applications in production based on 3Achain and it will remain active indefinitely.

No, it would be limiting to circumscribe the geographic distribution of a blockchain.
It is the responsibility of individual applications to limit the dissemination of personal data within transactions, while complying with privacy laws.

3Achain is a project “made in Switzerland” in terms of governance and infrastructure development and implementation.

No, 3Achain is a non-profit project, promoted by the city of Lugano (Switzerland) but independent. The corporate partners that constitute and support the project do so voluntarily, but absolutely professionally.

The pillars of the 3Achain infrastructure are all Open Source (Ethereum, Quorum, Clique).

There are two main strengths of 3Achain:
– The fact of being very economical and very fast thanks to the Proof of Authority algorithm.
– The fact that it is a participatory project, where all partners share the non-profit mission.

3Achain is based on Quorum (Ethereum) technology. All assets (tokens, smart contracts, etc.) based on Ethereum technology are compatible with 3Achain.

Quorum (more correctly GoQuorum) is an Ethereum-based client dedicated to businesses. Born as a fork of GoEthereum (the official Ethereum client), it is open source and maintained by a broad community of developers.