My Lugano: shop, events, sport and culture in the City


The official platform of the City of Lugano

Created under the influence of the pandemic emergency, MyLugano has quickly become the official platform of the City that allows you to:

  • Book and purchase tickets for facilities, events and social, cultural and entertainment activities in the City of Lugano.
  • Receive discounts on purchases or cashback from participating partners, accumulate points to spend on additional purchases at local partners.
  • Manage purchased tickets and personal cards in a convenient and practical wallet.
  • explore the digital shop windows of MyLugano Card partners
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With 3Achain, blockchain technology serves the local economy

The blockchain helps to promote the local economy by providing a unique experience to users of the App. In fact, all transactions performed in the app result in a transaction on 3Achain, making the transactions secure and super fast.

Users of the platform can then receive and spend their cashback in Lugano, in the form of LVGA Points, in a highly reliable manner.



LVGA points

LVGA are the points used within the MyLugano platform.

They are in fact a payment token authorised by FINMA (The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) which has the same value as cash.

Being effectively a recognised payment system in the “traditional market”, it opens up an infinite series of possible evolutions,

in which the traditional economy benefits from the advantages of the blockchain without falling into the risks and speculation of the large conventional Cryptocurrencies.

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