PaloAlto: Digital invoices with integrity guarantee


Blockchain notarization that protects against fraud

Sending invoices digitally (in PDF via email) with the guarantee that what is sent to the customer is exactly what the customer receives is a necessity for all Swiss companies.

However, the risks associated with the manipulation of digital data by hackers are real and increasingly frequent: changing figures and IBAN numbers has become child’s play for them, and companies spend a lot of time checking data that could be managed automatically.

PaloAlto has therefore created a tailor-made solution that allows for the sending of digital invoices from their management system to their document management system. And from there, thanks to the blockchain notarization process, to send them to the customer with the guarantee of being correct, or at least, their customers have the ability to quickly verify whether the invoice received is the original or has been tampered with.

Compliance with regulations for the preservation of electronic documents

Thanks to the integration of blockchain notarization with their document management system DocuWare, they have also achieved full compliance with regulations for the electronic substitute preservation of accounting documents, commercial books, and supporting documents: now we can practically eliminate all paper.


What is DocuSeal

DocuSeal is a solution that combines the DocuWare document management system with blockchain technology to ensure the security and integrity of documents.

It offers secure digital preservation for accounting documents and others, complying with current regulations.

It uses the Lugano 3AChain blockchain to ensure that documents cannot be modified once archived.

This solution allows for quick and secure access to documents from anywhere, reducing costs associated with managing paper archives and increasing efficiency in accessing information.

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PALOALTO: Digital invoices with integrity guarantee