The "triple A" blockchain promoted by the City of Lugano.


The City of Lugano, on the strength of its experience and Digital Strategy, has in 2021 created an institutional blockchain with the aim of promoting the economic development of businesses, spreading knowledge and facilitating access to this disruptive technology. Institutional partners, from all sectors, enthusiastically welcome the challenge and have decided to share its values, on a voluntary basis.

3Achain is born, a non-profit project that has two goals:

  • To enable anyone who needs this technology, at very low cost and in a short time.
  • To enable partner companies to gain unique know-how and thus a huge competitive advantage.

Created in Lugano and developed in Switzerland by a network of partners you can count on

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Partners are the real value of the project. Their professionalism, number and diversity allows the limitations of current public blockchains to be overcome.

In practice, in fact, 3Achain is a permissioned blockchain where each partner hosts a node of the infrastructure. This allows for much more efficient management than public blockchains, where the presence of unknown nodes requires the use of very energy-intensive algorithms to manage their security.

In 3Achain, on the other hand, thanks to the Proof of Authority algorithm, there is no need to use large amounts of energy to validate transactions, let alone wait tens of minutes for them to be confirmed.

Finally, a blockchain where transactions are secure, sustainable, economical and fast


The project allows anyone approaching this technology to do so with as little effort as possible.
Users have access to advantageous pricing plans that encourage experimentation and the launch of new business ideas.

By directly managing the platform, the partners develop unique knowledge and pool their ideas and experience in the industry.

The entire infrastructure is based on open-source technologies (Ethereum-Quorum-Clique).

The benefits of innovation are always shared


Distributing trust between parties and accelerating the exchange of value between subjects has never been easier.





Affordable costs


High transaction speed


Less energy wasted


Increased security


Availability of test environment

The journey does not end here.

3Achain's roadmap is loaded with innovation. From NFT management to DAO implementation, everything is geared towards offering more and more services to users.

Unlimited fields of application

There is a tendency to associate blockchain technology to digital currencies such as Bitcoin and in general to the world of finance. In reality, this is already used for a wide range of applications, such as the traceability of a production process, certification of ownership, document authenticity, a product or an acquired right going as far as secure online voting and digital identity management. ​


Enti istituzionali

Contribuisci allo sviluppo e all’implementazione dell’ecosistema promosso dalla Città di Lugano; entra a far parte del network 3AChain e aumenta il valore dei tuoi asset.

Aziende e start-up

Sfrutta la piattaforma 3AcHAIN per sviluppare applicazioni business basate sulla tecnologia Blockchain. Utilizza i tools di Quorum e la tecnologia del nostro ecosistema


Università e istituti di ricerca

Studenti e ricercatori possono contribuire alla ricerca e sviluppo tecnologico in questa nuova rivoluzione tecnologica, grazie a un livello di accesso studiato appositamente.

Pricing guide:

Hai un'idea geniale ma, per ora, vuoi solo di sperimentare sulla blockchain?

Ti consigliamo il piano:

Free Trial

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Ti consigliamo il piano:


La tua soluzione è già consolidata e vuoi semplicemente beneficiare dei vantaggi di 3Achain? Approfitta dei vantaggi del piano Starter e dopo 24 mesi scegli l'opzione che si adatta alle tue esigenze.

Pricing guide:

Do you have a great idea but, for now, just want to experiment on the blockchain?

We recommend the plan:

Free Trial

Is it time to launch your app and you want to minimize initial costs?

We recommend the plan:


Is your product already established and you simply want to benefit from the advantages of 3Achain? Take advantage of the benefits of the Starter plan and after 24 months choose the option that suits your needs.